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Where all your precision, prototyping & production is done

Welcome to Master Machining | Meester Masjinering
Level 2 B-BBee

Precision Engineering

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Located in Gauteng

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About Us

Master Machining is a Precision Engineering Company based at Gateway Industrial, Centurion, Gauteng. Master Machining CC was established in 1984 as a prototype and limited CNC production facility for high-precision components, mainly used in aircraft-related industries. Over the years, we specialised in CNC manufacturing complicated aluminium boxes and lids for the electrical industry. We can go down to M 1,6 threading and very accurate hole for specialised connectors used in the military environment.
Master Machining Are Manufacturers of The Following Components. One-Offs, Medium and Large Production.Components Used in Mines: Conveyer Belt Mechanics, Seals and Various Smaller Components. Cellphone Antenna Components. Bicycle Components. Airgun / Paintball Components. High Precision Components in Aircraft Industry. Dental Implant / Medical Components.

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Manual and Semi-Automatic Tapping Machines


Manual and CNC Lathes


CNC Wire Erosion and Cavity Spark


Manual and CNC Milling Machines

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"Great bunch of guys with extensive knowledge and professionalism. They are my go to supplier for machined parts."
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Georgie Georige

Local Guide

"Production & Precision Manufacturing."
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Erik Vermeulen

Local Guide

“Great team with an extensive set of skills and professionalism. I would recommend them to anyone looking to do their production for their prototypes.”

Hanro du Plessis

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